My Life Though Music

Timeline created by james puckett
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  • Tried to Learn the Guitar

    I tried learning guitar from my grandpa but just gave up.And decided to try drums.
  • My First Drum Lesson

    My First Drum Lesson
    My family knew a guy named Louie Reyna who taught me how to play drums.
  • First Drum Set

    First Drum Set
    My grandparents bought a drum set from a guy who never used it.
  • Started Band

    Started Band
    I started band in the 6th grade
  • Started Playing Drums In Church

    Started Playing Drums In Church
    My dad wanted me to play drums for him. Because are other drummer was going to college.
  • Anniversary

    My grandparents anniversary was coming up and they wanted my dad to sing so I had to play drums
  • Church Camp

    Church Camp
    Somebody wanted us to sing so with my dad in charge of music he put his family up to sing and i do not sing. So I played the drums instead.
  • Church Christmas Play

    Church Christmas Play
    The Sunday School teacher wanted me to play for their play
  • Church Conference

    Church Conference
    The church we went to wanted us to sing so my family sang and I played drums