my life story diego

Timeline created by naruto07
  • my birth

    the day i came to this world
  • my brothers birth

    the day my baby brother came to this world
  • my sister birth

    the day my sister was born
  • first time swimming

    first time i ever wet swimming was on a hot summer day
  • first field trip

    the very first field trip i went to was with my elementry school in the spring
  • frist time singing

    the very first time i sang with my class in elementry in front of a big audience
  • first soccer league

    the first time i joined a soccer league
  • won my first flag footbal championship

    the first time i went on with my elementry school to win the flag football championship
  • middle school promotion

    when i promoted from my middle school kranz and became an eagle at south
  • freshman year

    the first day i became an eagle
  • wrestling year

    the very first time i joined wrestling my freshman year :)
  • won my first wrestling medal

    when i went to the la convention center to place second in my very first wrestling tornament
  • track and field year aka ima thrower

    this is the year i got to compete by my cousins side in the track and field season
  • lass days of sophmore year

    the lasts days of me being a sophmore
  • cousins last year

    my cousins last year of being a senior at semhs
  • finally junior year

    finally im not a sophmore anymore im a junior
  • first year as a scrub aka 7th grade

    the first time i entered middle school
  • when me and my cousin wrestled for the spot

    this is the day me and my cousin omar aka little shrek wrestled for the spot varsity or jv, he ended up beating me so i got the jv spot cuz i beat my friend ben for it