The life story

Timeline created by PEREZROSARIO
  • 2,012 BCE

    The carnival

    The carnival
    my father had his Group to dance in the carnival
    I was with my father.
    I was his partner.
    danced with me.
    we visited house by house.
    we share all.
    they had people who disguised as animals.
    I was afraid of.
    He took care of me.
    it was fun that I always played.
    played with balloons, bars, water.
  • 2,011 BCE

    a problem

    I was playing in the classmates too
    the son of the teacher was hurt.
    I was of the stands.
    they bothered with us.
    I stayed in crutches.
    we had been felt playing in the stands.
    mi hermano me vigilaba
    my brother watched me
    He was in a greater course.
  • 2,010 BCE

    my first place

    my first place
    I got the first place
    I remembered well
    I was dressed in Cochabambina.
    I remembered.
    I wore my white hat
    I remembered good.
    The parade they moved away with the other.
    I had a lot of fear.
    I thought I did not go back to my colleagues
    why not an understand was just a girl
  • 2,009 BCE

    In the school

    were memories of my kindergartenr.
    my teacher was called juanita.
    my aunt bought my graduation suit.
    desfile con mi padre
  • Period:
    2,002 BCE
    2,020 BCE

    My birth

    I was born on July 1, 2002
    in yotau, province guarayos,
    city Santa cruz,county Bolivia.
    It was in a very cold day.
    my mother had me older.
    She was operated.
    I had complications in my birth.
    I stayed in the hospital for a time.
    My parents were very happy for my arrival.
  • My first year

    My first year
    I learned to walk very rapidly
    I was not standing a lot of time
    I spoke matching my 1 year
    my family held a party.
    the passed it well.
    dance in my party.
    i was wearing a dress.
  • my brother and me

    I started playing.
    my brother was time with me.
    He was at play the court .
    He playing was with me almost all the time.
    I was the girl darling.
    why i was the smallest.
  • My mother and her job

    My mother and her job
    She didn't have long
    my father won very little.
    my brothers were young.
    We needed money.
    I was a baby.
    We spend time with my brothers.
    my father learned to take care of me.
  • playing with my dad

    my dad was taking to the court.
    He saw his football game.
    I held in his arms.
    a side of the side gave me eating a chocolate
    He is scared.because he did not notice.
    I taught that I should not accept things from unknown.
  • the plants

    the plants
    my father was farmer.
    We make us eat fruits
    for had their seeds.
    I was traveling with my father.
    comed their plants.
    we got sid very far.
    my mother made me a tipoy.
    I had to be selling plants.
    that day he wore my kind and a braid
    they took me pics.
    we sell a lot that day.
    my father was proud of me
    I was very happy that day
  • my book

    I had a book the colors.
    I had a very old sister
    my sister showed me to read.
    She was my first teaching.
    We were playing with dolls, colors pencil.
    I was not difficult at school.
    I loved it a lot
  • cry on school

    In school we gave the school breakfast.
    I had to make queue for my breakfast.late a lot
    don't keep my things in my backpack.
    when you get to my course.
    I hadn't my spoon.
    Notify my teacher.
    she didn't do anything.
    I felt very sad. I cried a lot.
    were my tensim as many.
    who felt hurts for me.
    they dolled my spoon.
  • my illness

    I happen at night. I don't remember as it was.
    I fainted.
    my father that night was drunk.
    Remember in your arms. my neighbors was sitting.
    I was scared and afraid.
    embrace strong to my father did not want to let him go.
    I remember his smell to beer
    My mother arrives after
    I saw her and cry out.
    I did not expect their arrival.
    I fall asleep with her.the next day trip.
    After the analysis.
    I went to live at Santa Cruz
  • new companions

    new companions
    my life change.Know people new.
    I played on the court
    we made championships at school.gain the game.
    the school was different
    it was my birthday.
    they organized a surprise in my course.
    it was very nice all we share the cake.
    my teacher congratulate me.
    I cried from the emotion.
    I was happy with my friends
  • dancing

    It was for the anniversary of Santa Cruz.
    was tripping a choreography.
    we dance in the rain.
    my teacher singing and I play his guitar.
    my brother was present.
    He was recording.
    dance alone was without a paddy.
    they got me forward to combine.
    I was congratulated by my brother.
    you went to eat and walk.
  • the band

    the band
    had been participated in the school band.
    I had to receive my suit for the parade.
    I remembered well what the direct told me
    because I was touching the instruments.
    If it was the only woman who played that instruments.
    I feel very sad and warn my brothers.
    they complained and then they were enrolled.
    had once been excited about
    there had a lot of people
    the parade was very long and tired.
  • singing in english

    a teacher teach me a music in english
    He motivated with different strategies.
    I liked both your class that I learn the song.
    sing with my classmates at the talent festival.
    we were nervous for a few minutes sentiment of love of all my classmates.
    I did not know how to sing but I learned the letters and pronunciation.
    a partner and I were the choir.
    we were joined and happy.
    I was the best night of my life.
  • my graduation

    my graduation
    My course was characterized by several women.
    it was a fight between us. because just from that we loved you a lot . we decorated the very nice school.
    for the parade my sister-in-law I get arrange and I leave very pretty.
    they made me a small family party.
    bailaba con mis hermanos
    danced with my brothers.
    It was a night of happiness and Unica was unique with all my family
    It was very nice.
    I was dismissed from my teammates we hug everything.
  • my new life

    my new life
    I was looking for a way of studying.
    I studied all the holidays.
    I thought a lot in my future
    I was afraid just thinking about having an opon.
    I was afraid to be kept for a man
    I was looking for ways to have silver
    I was traveling to different places
    I was looking for requirements for my papers.
    with the help of my cousin make my processes.
    I was in month in my papers.
    After entering the normal.
    I started to know the city and worked.
    t was a very big experience in my life.