My Life Story

Timeline created by Khalidtoorani
  • Birth

    I was born on December 26, 2001, in Bahrain. I was born premature and small for gestational age.I had a really low chance of surviving, and making it.
  • Knowing What My Dream Job Is

    Knowing What My Dream Job Is
    This is a photo of my dad wearing his uniform with my brother and I, looking at him wearing it made me want to become a Pilot just like him. That is how I wanted to become a Pilot and how it has become my dream job.
  • My Best Friend

    My Best Friend
    Me and my best friend have been together for so long. He is a huge part of my life. He had a great role in influencing me for becoming the man I am today.
  • My First Day at MKS

    My First Day at MKS
    This was a photo taken on my first day at joining MKS, the school is a huge part of my life, taught me many things, and how to meet new people , become more sociable and accountable. The transition from one school to another was not easy though.
  • First Time Losing Someone Close To Me

    First Time Losing Someone Close To Me
    My uncle was really precious to me, losing him was one of the hardest things I had to go through. He taught me that you should never take anything for granted and always be happy, because you never know when your time will come to an end. This event had a really big impact on who I am today.
  • Joining My Dream Club

    Joining My Dream Club
    I'm a huge fan of the Manama basketball team, and I always wanted to join the club. Thankfully I did, joining the club made me realize that I can dream bigger and work harder. It also strengthened my love for the sport more. It is a huge part of shaping the me the way I am today
  • Becoming an MMA Fighter

    Becoming an MMA Fighter
    This photo was taken on the first day of training for me in Marshal Arts. I always wanted to be a fighter and learn how to fight, but never got the chance to. Finally I did and I don't regret it at all. Fighting is a technique that lets me put all my frustration out. It was a very important event for me because I now know how to protect myself and the people I care about. It also made me more confident when I speak, I don't have to be scared or nervous anymore.
  • Losing Someone Precious to me Again

    Losing Someone Precious to me Again
    The day before my uncle passed away, my mother told me to visit him at the hospital, but I said no. That was something I regret and will always regret. This event changed me the most by teaching me that you should always show the people you care and love how much they mean to you. It also taught me that family is the closest thing to anyone and you should always show just how much you love and care for your family, because life is too short.