My Life Story

  • Born

    I was born on the 27/10/2000 at 2:26am at the redlands hospital.
  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
    I had my 1st birthday. 27/10/2001.
  • Had my 2nd birthday

    i had my 2nd birthday
  • Started School

    I started school at Mount Cotton State School.
  • Started grade 1

    I started grade 1 back in 2006. I went to Mount Cotton State School.
  • Little brother born

    Little brother born
    My little brother Corey was born.
  • Started Skipping

    Started Skipping
    I started skipping at the end of grade 1
  • Got my Kitten

    Got my Kitten
    I got my kitten named Simba.
  • 1st skipping competion

    I did my 1st skipping competion.
  • Got our Ski Boat

    Got our Ski Boat
    In 2009 my family and i got our ski boat.
  • Baby Cousin Born

    My Baby cousin Tyson was born...27/8/10
  • Came 3rd at Skipping Nationals

    Came 3rd at the national championships.
  • Came 1st at nationals skipping

    Came 1st at nationals skipping
    I came 1st in the 11 years girls overall....
  • Skipping Worlds and Jounior Olympics

    My team makes it into the world youth tournment for skipping. Plus i qualifed for the Jounior Olympics
  • Left Primary School

    I left primary school and moved to faith
  • Started high school

    I started high school here at faith.
  • I broke my arm :(

    As you know i have broken my arm. 6/5/12
  • Leave for America

    I leave to go to America for skipping. I will be away for a month....yay