My Life So Far - Miles LeClaire

  • Miles LeClaire Was Born

    I have one older sister named Sarah, a dad named Gary, and a mom named Ellen.
  • My Parents Got Divorced

    My parents discovered that they disliked each other, and they decided that it would be better if they got divorced.
  • I learned how to swim

    My dad would dunk me underwater and I would swim back up to the surface. My dad taught me to swim just in case I fell into the pool at my mom's house.
  • My First Injury

    I was playing with my friends Adam and Collin on my trampoline, when all of a sudden I fell off the side and I broke my arm. I went to the hospital near my house, but because of my age, they sent me over to Cooks-Childrens. I went into surgury and awoke in the room. I got cleared to go home. Although, I went to school the next day anyways.
  • Injured Again

    I cut my leg open on a license plate while trying to wash my dad's truck. I slid off the hood and sliced my leg down to the bone, on the license plate behind me.
  • I Went to Michigan by Myself

    Although assisted by airline personel, I was able to visit my dad's parents, my grandparents, up in Michigan.
  • I Visited DC for the First Time

  • I Went to My First Spring Training Game

    My dad and I drove out to Arizona where we got to see the Texas Rangers practice in a Spring Training game. My dad started talking to the woman next to us, and we figured out that her boyfriend was Robby Ross, and he was trying to pitch for the Rangers.
  • I Got My License

    I got my C-Class drivers license, and I recived my first car, the Mazda 3 Sport.
  • I Flew to Michigan by Myself

    This was my first time to fly, unasisted by any airline personel, up to Michigan. Although I did get confused about where my fight was, I made it to my connection flight on time.
  • First Day of Hill School

    My first day was a little bit nerve recking, but I meet new people and quickly made many new friends.