My Life So Far

  • A Curous life

    I was born on March 2 in 2001 at 8:00AM. It was a hot day
  • Another Curuos Life

    when my little brother was born, I was so jeluos with him
  • school !

    I was so excited to start my school. I started school when I was 3 years old. My teacher was kind.
  • Little troble

    when I was 8, my little brother's head was broken by himself.
  • dogven

    My dog die at night when I didn't know.
  • Pop Star Death

    Pop Star Death
    when i was 8 I heard that Michael Jackson's death. I was so sad.
  • A New Grade

    when I was nine I started grade 3.
  • A.....GHOST!!!

    I opened youtube and Isaw that they found a ghost of Micheal jackson.
  • The Book

    I finished my poetry book and we had a party.
  • A Big Disaster

    when I was 10 I heard about Japan's big disaster
  • Another War ?

    When I came back home my family said that there is a war going on. Then I notice that it was Libla.
  • Och!!!

    While I was riding a bike I crash I to a tree.