By praj

    I was born in Kuala lumper Malaysia. I'm not actually malaysian my dad is a thai diplomat posted in malaysia. My whole famiy is thai and so am I.
  • Period: to


    This timespan spans my whole life.
  • 9 11

    9 11
    This day is when the war on terror began. Terrorists hijacked some planes and one plane was headed straight to the twin towers.
  • Survived My first Year of life

    This is my first birthday I don't really know much about it. Who cares.
  • Secound year of Life

  • 3rd Year of Life

    3rd Year of Life
  • 4th year of Life

    4th year of Life
  • Broken bone

    Broken bone
    When I was four I was jumping ona tall bed then it happened I sliped and fell down and I broke my collar bone. Then my mom took me to a hospital. The doctor said it was just a broze. After a few days I started walking with my right shoulder hanging down. My mom took me to another doctor. He said I broke my collar bone. Then i got a cast. I wore the cast for about three weeks . Then the bone started healing. Within a month my collar was fully healed.
  • 5th Year of Life

    5th Year of Life
    I got my first Lego pirate ship.
  • EarthQuake in Costa Rica

    EarthQuake in Costa Rica
    January. 9th, Costa Rica: at least 20 are killed and thousands more are left homeless after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes the mountains of northern Costa Rica, setting off landslides.
  • Avalanche in Turkey

    Avalanche in Turkey
    January. 26th, In Turkey an avalanche slams into a group of 17 Turkish hikers on Mount Zigana, dragging them more than 1,640 feet and killing 10 of them.
  • 15 People Shot

    15 People Shot
    March 11, Germany: Fifteen people are shot and killed at Albertville Technical High School in southwestern Germany by a 17-year-old boy who graduated from the school a year earlier.
  • World Cup

    World Cup
    This is the 2010 World Cup. For the final match it was a close one. It was Spain Vs. The Netherlands. A octupos predicted that Spain would win and they did.
  • Libyan Uprising

    Libyan Uprising
    After a unsuccesful protest agnaist the reign of Mummar Gadafi. The free libyan people took up arms and took military instalations, captured military depots and took some oil rigs and oil industries. This civil war between rebels and pro goverment forces is presently going on.