my life so far

  • birth

    I was born in january 26, 2002

    I was born in three thirty at afternoon in India.
    I was named after a god.
    I was fat
  • The Qutab Minar in New Delhi

    The Qutab Minar in New Delhi
    the Qutabminar is a really huge building in Delhi. Everyone is only aloud to go till the second floor, because when a class tried climbing the building ,theytriped and fell down on eachother. many children died and some got ingured.
  • My first word

    My first waord was ''mama''. I know it is kind of wierd. I was kind of boared so i kind of started making new words.
  • The Raj ghat

    The Raj ghat
    Raj ghate is the samathi of Mahatma Gandhi. It is in New Delhi, India. Lot of People visit this place every day. I never thought it would lookl ike that. It was very peaceful and bhajans are sung daily.
  • School

    The first time I ever came school i was really nervous and scred
    I studied in three schools: Rama,AIT, and GIIS, and now i am studying in ris which stands for rumrudee international school.
    First i thouht achool was hard and annoying, but when i kept doing fun things i came to know that school is always fun.
  • My sister

    My sister
    My sisters name is Gayathri.
    She was born in june 21, 2000
    She is 10 years old now.
    Her hobbies are reading books, drawing, and
    She is two years bigger than me.
    When she went to school i was still a baby.
  • First went to School - joined in Nursery

    I Starting going to Nursery class at Rama International School in Indonesia. I had lof friends from different countries. It was very fun going to school.
  • Volcano in Indonesia

    Volcano in Indonesia
    When i went to the place where there was a volcano, it really stinked. I saw a white thing that was realy hot in a big hole. first i asked my father, then he told ' the white thing is the valcano. i never thouht valcanos are white.
  • A trip to safari world.

    A trip to safari world.
    The trip to safari world was cool
    I saw the sealion show which was awesome
    The bad part was that we couldn'd see the dolphine show
    I went on the train with my sister
    This place was in indonisia
  • When I was 4 years old

    When i was 4 years old i was really naughty. I throw stuff around and my mother should always clean them all up. when i was 4 i studied in pre-k
  • When I Joined GIIS School, Pathum Thani, Thailand

    When I Joined GIIS School, Pathum Thani, Thailand
    I was really nervous when i joined GIIS. after somedays it was really fun. I had so many friends. near this shool was the big river
    Chaopraya. I as really scared that i will fall into the river
  • My trip to rayong.

    My trip to rayong.
    IT also the best trip ever.we went with two families. it took us 6 or 7 hours to reach. After that we rest for a while and then went to the beach. IT was really fun. We stayed for two nghts and three days. when we where going toeat in the night ,i was the funnest evnt ever in my life.
  • By trip to karabi

    By trip to karabi
    This trip was the best of all. We went with 2 families. It took five hours to reach karabi. First we found a hotel to stay. The next day we went boating in the beach. The boat was really fast after some time the boat stopped in the middile of the sea so that we siwm. In that time the adults ( male) went for swiming in the ocean. After siwmming the adults came back to the boat. then we went back to the hotel and were ready to eat dinner.
  • When I visited Golden Buddha Wat in Bangkok

    When I visited Golden Buddha Wat in Bangkok
    I visited the famous Wat in Bangkok along with my family during the Songkhran festival in 2009. There were many forms Buddha's statue were very beautiful. The Golden Buddha was very big and beautiful.
  • I won a trophy for best performance in Athletics in my class at GIIS

    I came first in the flat race on the Sports Day
  • I joined RIS In Class IV

    I shifted from GIIS to RIS after passing the entrance test in May, 2010.
  • Tsunami in Japan

    Tsunami in Japan
    There was a huge tsunami in japan that destroyed many houses and killed many people.

    The tsunami was 10feet high.

    It was the biggest tsunami ever.
    The tsunami was strong enough to slash through houses.
  • my trip to chiang-mai

    it was really fun going with two families. the elephant ide was really fun. we also went to the jade fatory. i bought a necless just right . Going boating in the border wa really fun
  • Osama Bin Laden was killed by American Forces in a raid

    Osama Bin Laden was killed by American Forces in a raid
    Osam bin laden is a terrorist from Pakistan.He was dead in 2011.
    He was the one who crash the word trade center. He had a big team. He hijacked many planes.
  • when I am 9 years old

    when I am 9 years old
    i am studing in 4 grade .But really i am supouse to study in 3 grade. My techer is Ms.Sharron. she is the best teacher i hav seen. i have so many friends. My favorit subjects are everything.