Flame 2

My life so far

  • My Wonderful Birthday

    My Wonderful Birthday
    I was born at Thailand on a windy afternoon of Saturday. I was born at the hospital named Bumrungrad. The doctor that gave birth for me is the doctor named Dr. Somchaat. Dr. Somchaat is my favorite doctor because he is very gentle and he likes to give me prizes too! Prizes like candies and stationary set!
  • My Little Spicky Head

    My Little Spicky Head
    lMy head started to be a pinneapple. That was happened when I was 2 years old.
  • The Day I Could Talk!

    The day that i start talking is the day that my whole family is very happy and proud of me. Even though I couldn't speak that properly. But my brother still didn't understand!
  • The First day I get to learn !

    The First day I get to learn !
    This is my first day of learning. I learn at the school called Park Place School.This is school is a nursery school.My teacher there is very king she gives alot of candy too!
  • My first trip with my whole family

    My first trip with my whole family
    In this picture the person next to my dad isn't my mom. But she's just a my mother's sister friend that traveled with my family. In this picture, is a picture that I took at Pataya.
  • The day leaving Park Place

    The day that I'm staying at Park Place for the lastt day, I was very sad. I hug my teacher for a long time before going home. That day before my mom told me to go home, I was making a very ugly card to tell my teacher to go to my house and live with me forever because I love her.
  • Start learning at RIS

    Start learning at RIS
    This school is my second dchool. The first year I learned at RIS with a very noce teacher. Her name is Mrs. Rosana. She is my first teacher that I know in this school. Mrs. Rosana is my Pre Kindergarten teacher.
  • My first feildtrip with my grade

    This is when I had a feildtrip in kindergarten. This feildtrip is at Big C infront of the school. I saw person who dressed up in teddy bear too. They are so big but they are very cute. Their furs are sooooooo soft!!!!!!!
  • My first grade in Kindergarten

    This is when I went to kindergarten. At kindergarten, i learned witha teacher named Ms.Ira.
  • Earthquake hit Indonesia

    Earthquake hit Indonesia
    This is a picture of the earthquake at Indonesia. This is a picture after what happened. The house fall down and broke!!!!!!
  • My first grade feildtrip.

    My first grade feildtrip.
    This day is the day that I have a feild trip from school. This is picture is taken by my mom, who went to my feildtrip in grade one. This feildtrip is when I went to Rama 9.
  • My 2nd Grade Talent Show

    My 2nd Grade Talent Show
    While dancing this I had a little nose bleeding. It was very embarrass to rub my nose while everybody was dancing. Even though I did it to the real show and my friends saw it too!
  • Earthquake hit Haiti.

    Earthquake hit Haiti.
    This is a picture of the earthquake that hit Haiti. In this disaster, my school find alot of mmoney too. We did a activity called Walk-a-ton. Where we run and walk for money!
  • 3rd Grade Talent Show

    3rd Grade Talent Show
    This is when I dance a song called lollipop from 2ne1. It's a fun song from Korea. In this dance, I did a big wonderful split on the floor for my last post!
  • Earthquake hit Taiwan

    Earthquake hit Taiwan
    In this picture what happened to Taiwan when the earthquake hit at Taiwan. Alot of thing where broked and their was car all over.
  • Earthquake hit New Zealand

    Earthquake hit New Zealand
    This is when thequake hit New Zealand. These are people who were helping other people after the earthuquake.
  • Fashion and Tune Fusion

    Fashion and Tune Fusion
    In this work, I was walking fashion infront of a big gigantic groups of boys who are taking picture and laughting at me. In this fashion walikng is named "Fashion and Tune Fusion." I painted my shirt as the meaning of my name and it has my name on top. Which that is what I wear to show in this fashion walking!
  • Tsunami hit Japan

    Tsunami hit Japan
    In this picture, the camera catch up a part that the tsunami was hitting Japan. The tsunamies are so scary. The waves are very big. It looks bigger than the place that the tsunami is covering.