My Life : Shawn Ryan Addy

  • I was born.

    I was born on this day,
  • My first Christmas.

  • My first boat ride.

  • My Uncle Henry died.

  • I got my first stiches in my chin.

  • My mom picked me up from daycare when the towers fell.

  • I started Kintergarden

  • I started playing t-ball.

  • I lost my first tooth.

  • We evacuated for Katrina.

  • I got my first 20 gauge shot-gun

  • I got a four wheeler from Santa Claus.

  • My nanny bought a hotel in Grand Isle.

  • First off-shore fishing trip (50 Miles into the Gulf of Mexico)

  • My Grandpa died

  • My Uncle Kevin died.

  • I got my first detention.

  • I am typing this timeline.