My Life: Sabrina Velez

By Svelez5
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    Your first birthday is usually always everyone's first milestone. I celebrated with my family and had a great time,even if I dont remember it.
  • My first christmas

    My first christmas
    My first Christmas I don't remember at all. But there's many pictures that show me joyfully playing with toys.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    I started my first day of school at my neighborhood school that a lot of my family had previously attended before me. My brother was a grade above me and my sister was a grade below.
  • Celebrated my birthday on easter

    Celebrated my birthday on easter
    I was able to combine my birthday party with an easter theme. I remember this birthday more clearly because I enjoyed it the most.
  • Transferring schools

    Transferring schools
    I moved 40 mins away across Chicago to my new home and school.Sadly,the situation wasn't the best so we moved back to my old neighborhood. I was only there for half of 3rd and half of 4th grade. This experience made me a communicator because I had to go out of my comfort zone and make new friends.
  • Losing my appendix was my birthday present

    Losing my appendix was my birthday present
    At the age of 8 i got mysteriously sick during my birthday planning. I ended up getting my appendix removed the day before my birthday and spent my birthday in the hospital. This was an example of me being reflective and thankful for being able to get better.
  • Getting attacked by a dog for the first time

    Getting attacked by a dog for the first time
    When I was 7 i was riding my bike when a dog came up knocked me off the bike and proceeded to bite me. Thankfully, I lived right by a hospital and my dad was there to stop it. Due to this I don't like the breed of rots.
  • I joined my first sport

    I joined my first sport
    I was finally old enough to try out for school sports. I tried out for volleyball,made the team,and stuck with it for the nex four years. This was an example of me being an inquirer because I joined things out of curiosity.
  • One sport wasn't enough

    One sport wasn't enough
    In 6th grade, i found myself missing the sports during spring because volleyball was only a winter sport. I took the risk like the risk taker I became and found a new sport. Eventually, I joined the track team and stuck with that for the next 4 years.
  • First run in with sickness

    First run in with sickness
    My bestfriend had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. This was my first run in with sickness and near death experiences. Thankfully,he recovered. This vent inquired me with the caring attribute because I needed to be there for somebody else other than myself.
  • The beginning of my traveling adventures

    The beginning of my traveling adventures
    My stepdad came into my life around this time and that's when my family became big about vacations,road trips,etc. The first place I remember traveling was Michigan
  • My first roadtrip

    My first roadtrip
    I'd been traveling a lot but road tripping 16 hours to Florida was the longest trip I've ever done. I would gladly do it all over again because I like to road trip. My siblings weren't as excited but I was principled and acted with fairness to put faith into this trip.
  • My brother graduating from 8th grade

    My brother graduating from 8th grade
    My siblings and I were each one grade apart from eachother. It was such a weird feeling to not see him in school anymore but at least I was in 8th grade now!
  • I graduated 8th grade

    I graduated 8th grade
    I was the second sibling to leave my neighborhood school now. It was a bittersweet experience.I knew i'd miss it but I was excited for high school.
  • My first concert

    My first concert
    For my 8th grade graduation gift my dad bough me tickets to a Shawn Mendes concert! It was one of the best things I've ever witnessed and I've attended multiple shows of his since then
  • First day of highschool

    First day of highschool
    I ended up moving the summer after 8th grade back to my old neighborhood that i transferred schools to. This meant nobody from my old school was going to the same high school as me. I still made many friends and enjoyed my first day. The whole picking a high school experience made me a thinker because I had to make the best reasonable and ethical decisions even if I didn't know the outcome. I'm still happy with my choice of picking Taft.
  • Freshman year homecoming

    Freshman year homecoming
    This was my first high school dance. It was amazing because I met some life long friends around this time. No homecoming dance has ever lived up to this one. Attending this event was an example of being balanced because I was able to keep my school grades and attendance high to be able to go.
  • My first trip to California

    My first trip to California
    Summer after freshman year I got to experience my first plane ride and it was to California! I spent a whole week there and I miss it everyday.
  • Attending Lollapalooza

    Attending Lollapalooza
    This was my first ravish experience ever. Yes,concerts were fun but this was a totally different experience. I saw a bunch of my favorite artists up close,such as Lil Wayne. This is an event i'll gladly be attending next summer. I was open-minded because of this idea because I've never attended this event,heard some bad stuff about it,but all my friends were going and I wanted to try something new.
  • Joining IBCP!

    Joining IBCP!
    During, my junior year at Taft I had to make a big decision. I wasn't being challenged by honors courses and I needed to make my college application stand out more,so I joined IBCP. It's been a great choice and so far I haven't regretted it. I was being knowledgeable and exploring concepts of programs Taft had to offer.