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My life's timeline

  • My born

    My born
    I was born in March 10th 1995
  • Entering kindergarten

    Entering kindergarten
    When I was 3 years old I began my studies in Kindergarten
  • Party

    That was my first birthday party, I was 5 years old
  • Kindergarten graduation

    Kindergarten graduation
    It was my first achievment because there I learned to read and obviously I finished my kindergarten
  • First long travel

    First long travel
    When I was 9 years old I travel with my family to Chiapas, I was excited because it was my firs long travel and I wanted to meet that beautiful place
  • Junior Highschool

    Junior Highschool
    I entered to junior high school in 2007, I was so happy because i really wanted to study in that school called "Heroes de la Reforma"
  • My big party

    My big party
    It is one of the most important days of my life beacuse was my XV's party, I was so excited and full of hapinnes because I was the first on my family that has XV's party
  • High school

    High school
    It was another achievment in my life,I had worked really hard, I studied the high school in "Gabino Barreda"
  • Boyfriend

    I met to my actual boyfriend more than two years ago
  • College

    It was the most important achievment in my life, the entered to the college was full of nervous, happiness and excited. now I'm so happy in the college studying accountant
  • Meet with my favorite band

    Meet with my favorite band
    This has been one of the most exciting things in my whole life, because I met to my favorite band "La Arrolladora" I won't never forget it