My Life, project for Health

Timeline created by Darkangel
  • Birth

    Born at 11:00 am in Tennesse
  • Sister

    Sister Lydia was born...two minutes after me ^^
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • First words

    I said my first words, dada
  • First day of school

    I start school at Anderson Creek Primary School North Carolina.
  • Bike Riding

    Learned how to successfully ride a bike.
  • Wounds

    I was attacked by a dog and was in the hospital for over eight hours
  • Lou!

    I got my very first dog, lou!
  • Fluffy-Chloe

    My cat Chloe was born
  • First after school activity

    My first after school activity, Mathcounts, when I was in seventh grade
  • Sam

    I got my dog Sam
  • Trip!!

    My family went to Georgia for summer Vaction
  • First job

    Job as a cashier at Subway
  • Graduation

    Graduating high school
  • College

    Start College
  • College Grad!

    Masters degree and graduation from college
  • Job?

    Intern at a Law firm
  • Job!

  • Win!

    I won my first case!
  • House

    Finally by now i have a house!!!!
  • Italy

  • Retirment

    I'm Retired
  • Death

    My Death