My Life - KJ

Timeline created by KJBucks
  • Born

  • Kansas

    Went on vacation to Kansas
  • Brother Born

    My younger brother Chance was born
  • Got my first 4-wheeler

    Got my first 4-wheeler
  • Started Snowboarding

    Started Snowboarding
  • Brother Born

    My younger brother Dax was born.
  • Braces on

    I got my braces on
  • Went to an Eagles game

    Went to an Eagles game
    Went to my first Eagles game
  • Broke my eye socket

    I broke my eye socket snowboarding.
  • Braces off

    I got my braces off.
  • Got my first car

    Got my first car
    I got a Jeep.
  • Grandfater Passed Away

  • Started working

    Started working
    Started working at Landis Supermarket.
  • Got my licence

  • Went on vacation out west

  • Girlfriend

    Started dating my girlfriend.
  • Killington, Vermont

    Killington, Vermont
    Went on a snowboarding trip to Killington, Vermont
  • Junior Prom

    Junior Prom
  • Senior Prom

    Senior Prom
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    Graduated from Pennridge High School.
  • Wisdom Teeth

    Got my wisdow teeth out.