My life Jack Psenicska

  • Day Of birth

    Day Of birth
    I was born at Lankanaue hospital on 2/28/01 at around 2:30 in the afternoon
  • day i learnd how to walk

    day i learnd how to walk
    i was about 2 when i learned how to walk
  • first day of school

    first day of school
    My first day of school was at st.matts and i was in my frist year of pre school.
  • learend how to ride a bike

    learend how to ride a bike
    i was around 5 when i learned how to ride a bike and it was on the sidewalk infront of my house.
  • First touchdown

    First touchdown
    My first touchdown was also my longest it was 60 yards and the farthest touchdown i've ever had
  • my vaction to mexico

    my vaction to mexico
    i went to mexico for my family vaction and i went with all my cousins and stuff
  • disney world

    disney world
    my family goes on vaction ever year and this was my first time i ever went to disney world
  • first day of ETR

    first day of ETR
    my first day of ETR and it has much more responsitbilite at ETR
  • new house

    new house
    my familly has been looking for a house for a long time and they finally found one
  • first playoff football game

    first playoff football game
    the game was snowing and hailing and raining and it was my first playoff game and my team won