My Life in the Future

By ShouseM
  • Born

  • Period: to

    From Birth to Middle Aged 20's

  • My 1 st birthday

    My very 1 st birthday
  • The day That I ran 2 miles

    I ran 2 miles with like 20 min breaks in between with my brothers
  • The day that I got my first bike

    When I got my first bike it was a blue huffy
  • The day that began my life... Basketball

    The day I first started to play basketball
  • My very first day of Kindergarten

    My first day at school! SCORE!!
  • My 8th grade year

    Best Year ever!!
  • My 3rd year in High School

    I made it through 2 years of HIgh School!
  • The Day I graduate High School!!

    This is My very last time going to High School!! SO PROUD
  • My First year of College

    Fall Classes Start!
  • My last year of college

    Made it through thank goodness!!