My Life, In a Developmental Perspective

  • My Debut Into The World!

    My Debut Into The World!
    I was born at 12:07 A.M. on October 10, 1987; weighing a healthy seven pounds, eleven ounces; as the first child, and daughter of proud parents Patty & John DiCello.
  • 0-3 Month Milestones (Age: 3 months)

    0-3 Month Milestones (Age: 3 months)
    Around the age of two to three months, I began to familiarize my surroundings, whether smiling at mom or dad, cooing when in need of something, or grasping mom and dads fingers. I was also breastfed full time for the fist three months, before Patty went back to work.
  • Age: 3-6 Month Milestones

    Age: 3-6 Month Milestones
    During the age of 3-6 months, my favorites included cuddling with mom and dad, rolling over in my play pen, and my entertainment consisted of colorful mobiles, and playful childrens music cassettes. I began to explore, and put my newly discovered senses to use. Stimuli were everywhere in my surroundings. Patty went back to work, and pumped enough so that 1/2 of my diet was breast milk, and the other half was baby formula. My parents went back to their "routine", and I quickly adapted.
  • Age: 6 Months - 1 Year Milestones

    Age: 6 Months - 1 Year Milestones
    This was a very eventful time in my life. I began reaching for everything I could. I could finally sit up on my own, and eventually began crawling at 9 months. I also began teething at 9 months, and stopped breast feeding completely at 10 months. I also babbled to everyone, as if we were having an in depth converstation, and finally made it through an entire night's sleep, at the age of 6 months. I also had developed strong bonds with mom and dad, immitatitng their every move.
  • Age 1-2 years Milestones

    Age 1-2 years Milestones
    During this time, my personality began to emerge. I could now walk (13 months), and had began to talk, saying my first word :"dada" at 12 months. Separation anxiety, was virtually nonexistent, I approved of anyone willing to give me attention, as this translated to my very outgoing personality that I have today. I loved "pretty things" pink, and frilly, and anything Barbie, which may explain my shopping habits today! I was very aware of my 'self' and very picky about everything that involved me.
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    Biosocial Development Ages 2-6

    During my early childhood, I began developing a sense of independence. Running, and playing were an everyday activity around the age of two. My mom tried to put me into dance, but I had outgrown that girly phase, and wanted to climb trees, and play sports with the boys. I began dressing myself, feeding myself, practicing hygeine by myself, and also discovered that my preffered hand was my left, just like my dad. I also began playing organized sports at 5, which I still do today.
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    Cognitive Development- Early Childhood- Ages 2-6

    I began reading at the age of 3, and asked when I could go to school every day. I loved to learn, and still do. Being "right-brained" has afforded me the luxury of creativity, I love art, and music, and this was evident during my early years. There was no room on my fridge for anything, as it was filled with my masterpieces. I started pre-school at age 3, and was in the first grade by age 5. I was adavanced for my age, and started school early, which meant the world to me.
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    Ages:2-6 -Psychosocial Development

    When I was four, I made friends with the neighborhood boys, there were no girls my age. I also became a big sister, to brother, Nick. I grew up with many boys, which is probably the reason why I hated girly things, and only cared about sports. In becoming a big sister, I had to learn that I wasn't the center of the universe, but this spiked the development of my sense of maturity and logic. My parents were authoritative, and due to this flexibility, I respected them, and was well behaved.
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    Biosocial Middle Childhood Milestones Ages 6-12

    For the start of 2nd grade, I moved to a new school, making friends was no problem, as I now lived near many of my classmates. I was average over my childhood years, at every physical, my mom was more or less a health-freak. I was very involved in soccer, as I started playing at a much more competetive level. I also began to play piano; I hated practicing piano, but loved practicing soccer. I still hadn't ourgrown that "tom-boy" phase. School was a breeze, I was still very advanced academically.
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    Cognitive Milestones- Middle Childhood Ages:6-12

    During these years, my cognition drastically changed. I was very intrested in problem solving, having a love for puzzles, wordsearches, crosswords, and other games of that nature. My reading level was at the highschool calibur. My family forced me into religious education, and I began to get involved in the community, however I still had yet to discover my parents good intentions, as I didn't appreciate the life I had, and always wanted more.
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    Psychosocial Milestones- Middle Childhood Ages 6-12

    Growing up in my family, was exciting. I have an extremely large family, with 30+ cousins on my mom's side. We are so fortunate to have such a large family, and still be so close knit. Family dynamic was a huge part of growing up, and is responsible for my strong appreciation of the importance of family. I liked playing with my cousins more than my friends mostly because they did what I wanted, I was the oldest of our click; I feel that this helped shape my sense of leadership and authority.
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    Biosocial Adolescent Milestones Age 11-18

    During this period of my life, I finally regained my desire to be feminine. I had a solid group of girlfriends, who were on my soccer team. Although I was still dedicated to soccer, and sports, I also developed an interest in hair, makeup, clothes, and boys! I also noticed many changes in my body, I had lost that little kid figure, and started to look like a young woman. I was still a pretty healthy teen. I didn't put as much effort into school at this point, I did what I had to, then had fun.
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    Cognitive Adolescent Milestones Age 11-18

    Cognitively, I fell into the norms of egocentrism. I was fearless, and very concerned with reactions from my peers about sports, looks, and social activities. I often acted impulsively, and was grounded alot during this time! I did well in school, but I definitely could have done better. I was more concerned with my social life, and soccer, than anything. I was not happy when my parents made me get a job, but learned that I had to work for things in life, and I wasn't "rebellious" for very long.
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    Psychosocial Adolescent Milestones Ages 11- 18

    I had a strong sense of self as a teen. I seldom caved to peer pressure, I didn't want to ruin soccer, or the future. My friends tried drugs and alcohol, I held out for quite sometime, and while I did eventually have a few drinks, I wasn't reackless and never tried drugs. My best friends were my teammates, soccer was a priority, Its the main reason I stayed out of trouble. My parents trusted me, family was still a big influence, I wanted to make them proud.
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    Biosocial Milestones Emergine Adulthood: 18-Present (24)

    Starting College, changed everything. I re-evaluated my priorities, putting school first, and then balanced work, soccer, and social life. These new pressures brought out anxieties, I never knew I had. I ended up getting a late diagnosis of ADD, but treatment helped me balance it all, and ultimately suceed. I went on to get a Bachelor's Degree, and am working towards a Master's. I still have amazing family and friends dynamics; I partially credit these relationships for my success.
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    Cognitive Milestones- Emerging Adulthood Age: 18- Present (24)

    I aspire to appreciate all walks of life. I was fortunate to participate in 3 field-studies abroad, as well as travel Europe for a month with my best friend. Its a liberating feeling to see and apply things from the classroom in real life (art and history), this is mainly why I chose to pursue medicine. Becoming a Nurse Assistant, changed my perspective of all people. I finally came to appreciate this life, and aspire to live it to the fullest. Cognitively, things have changed drastically.
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    Psychosocial Milestones Emerging Adulthood Age:18-Present (24)

    I finally moved out on my own, really proving myself to my parents. Although I am currently back at home, they are happy to help because of my ambitions. I have the best friends I could ask for, and am closer than ever with my family. I have found the love of my life, and look forward to seeing what "adulthood" has in store. I found my passion in life, and can't want to finish school and begin working. I have a strong sense of self, I know what I want, and am working hard to get it.