My Life in 25 Events

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • My birthday

    My birthday
    2nd Birth day
  • My Birthday

    My 3rd birthday
  • My Birthday

    4th Bday
  • My Bday

    5th DAy
  • NINE ELEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NINE ELEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Twin Towers went down
  • My Bday

  • My Kindergarten Year

    Started my education at La Sierra Academy
  • My Bday

  • 2 Grade

    Started 2nd Grade
  • My Bday

  • My first pet

    My first pet
    My Frist pet bird
  • My Bday

  • Broke my arm

    Fractured my left arm elbow
  • My Bday

  • Sacramento

    Field trip to Sacramento
  • My Bday

  • My Bday

  • Outdoor School

    March 5-7, Field trip
  • My Bday

  • Astro Camp

    Field trip to astro camp located in thte maountains.
  • My Bday

  • 7th grade

    Catalina Island
  • My Bday

  • Washington DC

    Washington DC
    I had fun with food in 2011
  • Thanksgiving Feast

  • My Bday

  • Deck the Halls