Timeline created by ginnarojas
  • Birth

    I was born in Bucaramanga, in 1999
  • My first step

    I learned to take my first steps
  • my little sister

    my sister was born in 2001.
  • my two years

    At two years old I was playing with my cousins ​at my uncle's house
  • my four years

    When I was four years old, I accompanied my grandmother to a group.
  • my five years

    when I was five I went to kindergarten
  • My friend

    Alejandra and I met and were good friends
  • My activity in the church

    I was an active member of the church
  • My first experience with animals

    In 2009, my older sister had a pet and died.
  • My first vacation with family

    in 2010 I met the sea
  • crafts

    I was happy with my mom for teaching me the art of crafts
  • Hard work

    I worked very hard with my mom in the church
  • my fifteen years

    my mom celebrated my fifteenth birthday.
  • My experience in a Cinema

    in 2014 it was my first experience in a cinema
  • My first cellphone

    At 16 I had my first cell pone
  • My hobbie

    I was a good player on the rugby team
  • work with mom

    I worked with my mom selling accessories.
  • My love

    In 2017, I met the love of my life
  • My first work

    I started working at the Cpc Oriente as an accounting assistant
  • The second pet in the family

    In 2017 my younger sister adopted a puppy that we called tabata
  • Study in the SENA

    I got my degree as a technology in accounting and finance.
  • disease

    I started suffering from gastritis
  • University

    I started to study in UIS
  • My first pet son

    I received my first pet son in my house
  • My poems

    I was reading poems and I started with my writing
  • my first airplane trip

    my first plane trip was to an event in Bogota
  • trip to San Gil

    My first trip with all my family
  • Learn play Ukelele

    I started learning to play the ukulele
  • Period: to


    I went to school and did all the elementary school, I got good grades in the third raising the flag.