My life history

Timeline created by ingridvelandia
  • Birth

    I was born in Bucaramanga, in 1994
  • Day at school

    On my first day at school I was scared
  • knock

    I fell and broke my leg
  • Birthday

    On my 6th birthday they threw me a party
  • My degree

    my grade in school was amazing
  • My first trip

    I was 6 years old and I went to Arauca
  • Ride the bicycle

    My mother taught me to ride a bicycle
  • Swim

    My father wanted to teach me how to swim
  • My sister's birth

    My sister was born in November
  • Friends

    We played with my friends every day
  • Primary grade

    I graduated from fifth grade in Girón
  • High school

    In my high school I changed schools
  • My cousin's marriage

    My cousin got married it was a great day
  • Trip to the sea

    I met the sea with my family
  • Fifteen years

    En mi cumpleaños 15 comparti con my familia
  • Second brother

    My brother was born in 2010
  • My secondary degree

    High school grade was in a great room
  • My first job

    My first job was as a waitress
  • Technological studies

    Enter to study at SENA
  • Drive

    I learned to ride a motorcycle
  • Practices

    My business practices were in a food company
  • Grade

    I graduated as a technology
  • Job

    I work in a gas company
  • my first pet

    They gave me a birthday dog
  • University

    I am currently studying business management