My life from birth to now!

  • Birth

    I was born on September 27th 1999. I was born on the day of the biggest football game. Im a football baby.
  • Period: to

    My life from birth to now

  • Baptism

    I was baptised!!!!
  • My first birthdsy

    I was turning 1! i had all my friends anfd family over. i was the only baby that can walk at my party.
  • my lil brother was born

    He wa my first litle sibling. I was sooo excited!!! On the day he was born i wore a tee-shirt that said big sister. that was my favorite shirt when i was little.
  • Going into pre school

    I went to Red Wood Forest.
  • started cheer

    It wa smy first year of heer and I've loved it ever since!!
  • My little sister was born

    I was soo happy i always wanted a little sister. Evertime i asked for a little sister, when iw was little, my dad would say join a serority but then i got one! yayyy
  • trip to Hawaii

    It ws my first time ever going out of state, besides teh time when i was little, burt it was really cool. It was really pretty and nice. I wish i lived there.
  • going into middle school

    :( I was happy and sad:)
  • Trip to New Jersey

    We went to New Jersey to visit my great grandpa and my moms uncle and aunt. It was really fun because while we were there we visisted Jersey Shore, which is always fun, and we visited Washington D.C. and Philidelphia. And of course it was nice seeing family up there that we dont see a lot.
  • Camping

    This summer we got to go camping with my friends and family. I went camping with Laura Di Simone and Veronica Nims. It was really fun:)
  • Nationals

    NAtionals is a big competiton in cheer and it is held in DISNEY LAND!!!! My team and i got 1st place in our division and we were against 8 other teams but we WON!!!
  • Went to hospital

    I was very dehigrated i had to go to the hospital because i coudnt breath it was reaally scary but im fine now . obviously!