My life

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  • I was born

    I was born
    in 04/18/2004 I was born a little bit fat and with a lot of hair. haha
  • uou

    just a funny face (ignore this foto) haha
  • just a normal kid walking on the Park

    just a normal kid walking on the Park
  • I hated fotos

    I hated fotos
    My father always took a lot of pictures, after a while I was angry and I started to hate photos. When someone took some I made a face, here is a exemple
  • my fist travel to another country

    my fist travel to another country
    that was the fist time that i saw snow and also my grandma
  • Pajama's party

    Pajama's party
    My fist pajama´s party with my two best friends
  • my graduation from kindergarten

    my graduation from kindergarten
    first time singing in public
  • Disney

    First time on Disney Land
  • Germany and Carina

    Germany and Carina
    On my birthday I went to italy again and then spent 3 days in germany to see carina
  • Cousin

    My two cousins ​​who live in another state (I also have a small cousin who is not in the photo)
  • S2

    Me, my father and my mother last year.