My Life

Timeline created by Ari Tsikaris
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  • Birth

    On October 2, 2007, I was born
  • First time playing soccer

    First time playing soccer
    In summer 2012 I joined the soccer team I am still on today.
  • sister was born

    In July of 2012, my sister was born
  • Lost my first tooth

    In second grade I lost my first tooth pretty late
  • I got my playstation 4

    I got my playstation 4
    On Christmas 2014 I got my PS4
  • I graduated from elementary school

    In 2017 I was finally out of elementary
  • My first day of middle school

    In 2018 on my first day, I had no clue what to do
  • Going to jamaica

    Going to jamaica
    On Christmas of my first middle school year, i was going to jamaica
  • Start of 7th grade

    2019 7th grade was my favorite year at pioneer
  • Got a fish tank

    In 2019I had a phase of everything about fish and decided to get one
  • Started watching anime

     Started watching anime
    In 2019 I started to watch anime has a huge part in my life and since I started watching it I can’t stop
  • Going to florida

    In summer 2019 I went to universal studios in Orlando
  • Start of 8th grade

    In 2020 yet to realize the terrible year to come I started 8th grade
  • Had my room redon

    In September 2020 I had my room redon for the first time in 12 years
  • I turned 13

    On October 2nd, 2020 I turned 13