my life-Erika Melero

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  • my grandfather´s birth

    my grandfather´s birth
    In this year my grandfather was born. He was a military and now he loves watching TV
  • My grandmother´s bith

    My grandmother´s bith
    In this year my granny was born.She was an English teacher and now she loves cooking and speaking many languages.
  • my paternal grandfathers

    my paternal grandfathers
    On this year my grandfathers met and fell in love
  • My father´s bith

    My father´s bith
    In this year my dad was born. My dad loves taking photos and doing karate.
  • my grandfather´s wedding

    my grandfather´s wedding
    My grandfathers got married and had a my mom Sandra and my uncle Rosana
  • my mother´s bith

    my mother´s bith
    In this year my mom was born.She loves travelling.

    In this year my aunt Rosana was born.She lived in London for three years

    My uncles went to their honeymoon to Tailandia and had my cousin Alejandro
  • My parent´s wedding

    My parent´s wedding
    In this year my parents decided to get married because 6 years ago they fell in love

    This travel was very special because my mother went to Noruega with my grandfathers and my dad when she was pregnant with my sister Carlota

    In this year my sister Carlota was born and she was the person that chose my name.Carlota is the person that I love more.

    My parents went to Egypt because it was their dream ,they rode a camel,visited pyramids,temples etc
  • ME

    In this year I was bornt and I knew all my family

    In this year my great-grandmother died and she was 104 years old