My life

By KLBix
  • Birth

    I was born at 4am on July 10th 2004, I was the first born
  • My mom and dad got a divorce

    this was around 2007 (I'm not completly sure of the date). This event effected me more than I realized.
  • my mom remarried

    my mom remarried
    I got 2 new older sisters and a step dad
  • I moved

    I moved
    my mom and step dad wanted to move from lees summit to kansas because they felt like the schooling there would be better plus they wanted a new house to start fresh (the picture shows my first day at a new school)
  • 17th birthday

    17th birthday
    this is when i was super happy with my life, I realized I have a lot of great friends and lots of memories with them
  • Mizzou

    Me and my bestfriend visited the campus of Mizzou and we both fell in love with it. It helped us start planning our future
  • job

    I want to be a therapist for teens (focusing on mental illness)
    so i will graduate college ad a Psychology major
  • buying my first house

    buying my first house
    I want a house on the smaller side because I want it to be cozy. This will be a big moment because I feel like this is when my life will really be coming together
  • marrige

    I want to married in my late 20's so that its not to late to have children but to also not get married to young because I still want to have fun and stuff in my early 20's
  • Family

    I want a husband and 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl) I also want lots of pets. I want dogs and cats and maybe like a bunny or something. (the date on this is when I want to start to create a family not when I have accomplished all of this
  • questions

  • questions

  • questions