Timeline created by Alejandra Maecha
  • My Birth

  • 9th Grade

    9th Grade
    It was exciting because we looked closer to the 11th grade
  • My fifteen years

     My fifteen years
    It was long after I had fulfilled them, but even so I felt very happy.
  • Colombia soccer match

    Colombia soccer match
    Prize!! Go see the Colombian team play at the stadium.
  • 11th Grade

    A very emotional day and happy to meet my first goal in life.
  • Technological Degree

     Technological Degree
    I graduated from SENA in Accounting and Finance, another achievement that fills my life with happiness.
  • marriage best friend

    marriage best friend
    It was nostalgic but I was next to a very important person in all my life
  • The first time I ride an airplane

    The first time I ride an airplane
    I hardly sleep for a week, I am afraid of heights and cry; but then I was glad to feel that sensation.
  • AVIATUR incentive

    AVIATUR incentive
    In my previous company I worked in the accounting area and earned an incentive to visit Bucaramanga for 4 days; in the best places.
  • The last party before the pandemic

    The last party before the pandemic
    It was a great meeting; colleagues and friends, we had a lot of fun.
  • Birth of my beautiful nephew

    Birth of my beautiful nephew
    One of the happiest days of my life, I was waiting for him since I found out that my sister-in-law was pregnant.