my life

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  • born

    I was born and given the name skyler Abigail mountz.
    I have toe sisters and one bother i am also the youngest. My mom is a stay at home mom and her name is lahonda mountz and my dad is a mechanic. My heritage is Grumman, amish, and native American.
  • moved

    i moved form Lonnie ar to friendship ar where i have leaved ever since. My old house looked the pic next to this pitcher. This house had 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom no installation or heat or ac. Now i live in a brick home with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and heat and ac with installation.
  • displya

    I found out i had displaya and I had a lot of stuff in my life. I had to go to phscal therapy and I would near be abel to play sports again. I was made fun of because i of the braces and because i was bigger than the other kids. I was not a loud to exorcise. I am going to have to have surgery on my nee where it is located and be in rehab for 6 months.
  • the lost

    the lost
    I lost my great grappa he lived in peslvena with my great gramother. Then i lost my uncle to blue gratic desies he live in Oregon and one of the best poepol i know. after him i lost my pet then my grand mother and it was the haertest lost of all. she was in the hospital for almost a year and then she past last year. after my grandmother it was another pet.
  • carer

    I have desiccated to become a military dog trainer and go to the Olympics for swimming and would like to get gold. i have been training for both these tings sense 2 years ago. i have always loved swimming and one of the fastest on my team and have been swimming all my life. I also love animals i have two dogs one is a dog we are fastering and the other is a rottweiler. I also have two genie pigs, two chinchilla, and one vary fat cat.
  • swich schools

    swich schools
    I moved schools from ouachita to arkadelphia and am going to graduate from here.