My Life

  • Born in Rome, GA

    I was born in Rome, GA and lived there up until 2nd grade. I had an amazing life there, I lived on a Farm, drove tractors, helped care for the cows, and loved helping my dad do chores around the farm after he would get home from work at the hospital.
  • Moved to Fort Myers, FL.

    The summer before my third grade, we moved to Fort Myers because my dad wanted to start his own medical clinic as opposed to working for the hospital. I was so angry when I found out from another student at school I was moving, both because I loved Rome and didn't want to leave, and because kids at school knew about the move before I did. In hindsight, I can see that the move here was the right move in my life. Rome was such a small town and I couldnt have grown into who I am now there.
  • Period: to

    School at Saint Francis

    Saint Francis was the elementary and middle school I attended after moving here. From third to fifth grade, it was an amazing school, with great teachers and classes, but all changed once I entered middle school. Once sixth grade started, Saint Francis easily became the worst time period of my life so far. The teachers were extremely rude and unkind, yet loved to preach about how God calls of us to be disciples of kindness. This drove me away from liking school, and I did horrible academically.
  • Started High School at Bishop Verot

    After doing so poorly in middle school, my teachers were very adamant that I take all college prep and integrated classes and insisted I sign up for those classes regardless of my test scores. My parents and I however, were convinced I could do better than those classes, so we decided to wait and see my entrance exam scores before enrolling in classes. My scores blew my teachers away, I tested into all Honors and AP, my highest score being a 99% on the science portion. Now I started to succeed.
  • Success at Bishop Verot

    After taking only 2 honors classes my freshmen year, as I was unsure if I could handle the load, I have added harder and harder classes each year, and now I have two AP classes and the rest are all honors. It is because the support given by my parents and my advocation for myself that I was able to succeed as I have after having such a rough middle school experience.