My Life

By 27kdunn
  • Born

  • Sister born

    my sister kaya was born who is now 10
  • Cat

    i got a cat named echo and she is white with brown and grey spots with a grey tail with a white tip on the top.
  • First Day of School

    first day of kindergarten cause i never went to preschool
  • Cat

    i got another cat named loki and is a domesticated savannah cat
  • Cats

    a stray cat (named pirate kitty since she looked like a pirate) that would visit my house everyday had kittens in my dads boat and we kept one and named it sasha.
  • Death

    my great grandma died
  • dance

    i started dance recitals
  • Dogs

    i got my first dog named lucy a golden retriever
  • Dogs

    i got my second dog emma a week after we got lucy, she is a german shepard
  • dance

    i got invited to my dance studios competition teams.
  • Dog

    i got my third dog from our dead family member her name is bella and i dont know her breed
  • dance

    my first dance competition
  • Sister?

    my family decided to foster my almost 2 year old cousin whom parents were in jail and had to try and earn her back within dhs.
  • dance

    i moved dance studios since my dance studio was closing
  • Bye

    my uncle earned my cousin back
  • dance

    my last dance competition i did
  • first day of middle school

    i think it was the 22
  • cat

    i had to put down my 15 almost 16 year old cat
  • dogs

    i had to give away my 2 dogs lucy and emma