My life

Timeline created by studentg3
  • Im born

    I was born on this date. Arguably the most important day of my life.
  • My move

    At the age of 6months I move to the USA
  • Mama!

    My first words. How interesting
  • My first steps

    Title tells it all
  • Reading

    I love reading. I was reading chapter books at ~5 I know have read >400 chapter books
  • Playmates!

    Preschool! I knew basic mutiplacation. I still love math i'm currently doing Algebra II
  • Cousins Visit for the first time

    My cousins live in India. They are ALL older than me
  • Moving!

    I move to Cupertino which is in the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Soccer

    Soccer is still my favorite and only sport
  • Homeschooling!

    I still homeschool, I love it, my education was dramatically quickened by homeschooling. Which is one reason why im doing Algebra II in fourth grade
  • Gurdawara

    My first visit to the Indian Temple that I remember on later visits I play blackjack with my friends in front of the Gurdwara
  • Online Rules!

    I take my first Online G3 class. Now, by far my favorite class of the day. I also start playing online action games such as Goodgame empire. Currently I play a completely different game called Castle Empire.