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My Life Between Both Traditional and New Media

  • Born and Surrounded by Traditional Media

    Born and Surrounded by Traditional Media
    When I was born in this world, there was little to no new media that surrounds me, the time I was born.
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    Tradition till Birth

    When I was a child, the technology I was exposed in, was a old version of television, and the mobile phone that my parents have, that was a legendary Nokia phone. You can see from my picture, this was the old TV I was mentioning of.
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    My World Being Filled with Technologies

    When I about 11 years old, I was surrounded by gadgets those days, but my parents was the only once I know who has gadgets those times, and even my friends whom I play with has gadgets I watch and try to borrow to also play games.
  • My First Facebook Account

    My First Facebook Account
    On the phone of my Aunt which is a Samsung Keypad Phone my cousin tried to make me a facebook account for us to communicate with each other online. Those time I was browsing facebook on Google Chrome.
  • Addiction with The Computer Shop

    Addiction with The Computer Shop
    Til this time I still have no gadget whatsoever, so to cope with tha,t I go to computer shops and even escape my parents to just play computer games, I also use computers to use Facebook to chat, call and even play everwing, the trending game I used to play that time.
  • My First Selfie with My Very First Phone

    My First Selfie with My Very First Phone
    It was one of the happiest moments of my life, finally having my very own cellphone. Those times I am getting a hang of those social medias, the use of these technologies and even games that need a phone with the likes of what I have.
  • Grown to The Technologies Around Me

    Grown to The Technologies Around Me
    Now, the phone I had, still is the phone I use and even I don't play inside computer shops anymore. This phone that survived 4 years of being use is now getting slower and accessing online platforms became difficult with the cause of lags and hangs. Still I will take care of this piece of New media till my new phone so that I treasure the medias that was given. For the last time, the traditional media is still the type of media I love that I wish stayed with us much longer than the new media.