My life

  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in Txagorritxu hospital at 8pm weighing 3.2kg.
  • My first day at school

    My first day at school
    I remember that my first teacher was Goiatz and that my class was first grade B.
    My grandmother gave me a huge cone full of sweets since in Germany it is very typical to give this gift to children who have just started school.
  • Period: to


    Preschool were three wonderful and very happy years, where I met many people, some of them are still in my life, and others have left.
    I remember that at this stage of my life, what I liked the most was coloring and watching series on Disney Channel. One of my favorite series was the Winx.
  • My fathers work

    My fathers work
    This day was a very hard day for my family, since the company where my father worked had closed. My parents were very distressed as they could not support two girls only with my mother's salary. But, luckily, a friend of my father got him a job at a company, a company where he still works today.
  • Period: to


    These six years in the same cycle, they seemed very long and at the same time very short. I spent very happy moments with incredible people who have been showing me their love all their lives. I remember that I also had quite a few problems with my friends, since there was a lot of envy and hatred, but well, I guess it's normal at that age.
    In this period of my life, the relationship with my parents was incredible, although with my sister it was disastrous, we spent most of the time arguing
  • Period: to

    Montañeros Vedruna

    These three years I was enrolled in Montañeros Vedruna, where I learned a lot of values, where I had a great time and where I met children from other classes. My favorite moments were all those in which we went on excursions to Orduña, Barria or Egino.
  • My First Communion

    My communion was a very special day for me, since I felt like a princess where the only protagonist was me. I made my first communion on a Sunday at the church of San Miguel, with many of my classmates. Later, I went with my whole family to eat at the Vitoria Restaurant, where all the guests gave me precious gifts that I still have.
  • The last day I was with my grandfather Andrés

    I remember this day as it would have been yesterday. My family organized a meal at my grandparents' house to get us all together. I remember that at the end of the meal, all the cousins ​​started playing cards, and that's when my grandfather helped me beat them all.
  • The death of my paternal grandfather

    The death of my paternal grandfather
    When I was ten years old, I lost my first grandfather. His name was Andrés and he was born on June 21, 1940 in a small town in Malaga.
    He was a wonderful man who took care of me and loved me very much. I still remember how little I went to visit him, which kills me inside. Although we spent few moments together, they were very intense and good
  • Period: to

    Secondary Education

    Secondary education was a period that passed very quickly. They were hard years due to the complicated age that one has during those courses. My relationship with my parents got worse little by little. In 2020, they mixed the classes. At the beginning it was a very sad moment where nobody wanted to be separated from their class of all life, but in the end, it was the best they could do. That's when I met my best friends.
  • The day we were confined

    The day we were confined
    I remember that a few months before this day, it was heard on the news that we were in a global pandemic due to the Covid 19 virus. I remember that week all my classmates and myself included, we wanted to be confined, since that meant be 15 days of vacation. The established 15 days passed, but the government extended the time to one more week Timetoast
  • The death of my maternal grandfather

    The death of my maternal grandfather
    This day was very tragic as my grandfather was one of my favorite people. I don't think anyone has ever loved me and treated me as well as he did. It was a fundamental pillar in my life. Every day we remember him. He was a man who had nothing and gave everything from the little he had. I wish there were more people like him. He was a person who worked very well with me. I'm glad that his death was quick and he didn't suffer, besides, he lived a very happy 88 years.
  • When I separate from people who did me no good

    When I separate from people who did me no good
    I remember this day as a day in which I felt very brave but at the same time insecure. Even so, today I remember this day as one that marked a before and after in my life. From then on, I have been much happier and I have met people who really make me happy and love me.
  • My trip to Slovenia

    My trip to Slovenia
    It was a very special trip to which I went with classmates with whom I had never spoken, however, today they are essential people in my life.