My Life And Times

By sv8438,
  • My brother was born

    My little brother, LeRoy Russel Von Behren, was born when i was five years old.
  • terorist attack

    terorist attack
    On this tratgic day, terorist hijacked two planes and crashed them into the twin towers killing thousands of victims, inculding passengers in the planes, people in the buildings, policemen, fire fighters, and others who tried to help.
  • My little sister was born

    my little sister, Rebel Rose Von Behren, was born when i was six.
  • Valcanic eruption

    Valcanic eruption
    An eruption of the volcanic island Stromboli caused a tsunami
  • Moving time

    Me and my family moved from Citrus heights to Del Paso Heights.
  • Baghdad fell

    Baghdad fell
    Americian troops won over the hearts of the iraqis. Also, Saddam hussein and his sons fled. The people in Iraq destroyed the statue of saddam Hussein.
  • Battle of the books!

    During the fourth grade, me and me two partners, won the annual battle of the books competition.
  • George as president

    George as president
    George W. Bush won the election and became our president.
  • SUicide bombers

    Sucicde bombers kill more than 30 people in Iraq.
  • Cracked head

    I cracked open my ead when my older sister Samantha threw a stick at my head. When i went to the energency room, i had to get nine staples.
  • Backt to citrus heights.

    At the end of the school year my mother moved us back to Citrus Heights.
  • Cubas leader Temperaliy gives power to his brother.

    Cubas leader Temperaliy gives power to his brother.
    Cubas leader, Fidel Castro, temperaliy ceeded power to the vice president, his brother, Raul Castro. Due to health problems.
  • Israeli attacks!

    Israeli Air Firce attacked a site in Syria that may have contained nuclear materiels.
  • Granfather dies

    My grandpa, Billy Auston, died on september 8. He had alot of medical problems.
  • Typhoon hits Philippines

    Typhoon hits Philippines
    A typhoon hits the Philippines and killed about 1354 people. And caused sever damage.
  • Start of junior high

    Start of junior high
    Scared as i was, i started my first year of junior high as a seventh grader at Louis Pasteur Fundamental Middle School.
  • Russia cuts off Europe.

    Russia cuts off all gas supplies to Europe. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin endources the move and urges greater international involvment in the energy dipute.
  • First kiss

    Oer the summer of 2009, i had my first kiss with a guy named Zack. At the time he was my boyfriend, but like all good things, oour relationship came to an end.
  • Astroid passes earth

    Astroid passes earth
    An object called the 2010 AL30 flew by earth at a distance of 130,000 km.
  • First year of high school.

    First year of high school.
    I started as i freshman at Mesa Verde HIgh School.
  • Osam is dead!

    Osam is dead!
    Barac Obama annouced that Osam Bin Laden, one of the men behind the nine eleven attack, had been found and killed.
  • Eagle crest

    Eagle crest
    I went to a resort in Oregon called Eagle Crest , with my best friend DannyMay. We stayed for ten days and did a whole bunch of exciting things.