My Life and Biotechnology

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    When I was born, I was given all sorts of tests and vaccinations to determine if I was healthy or not. The doctors told my mother that I was a healthy baby boy.
  • Flu Shots

    Flu Shots
    When I was a little boy, I remmber getting flu shots so I wouldn't get sick in school. When you are injected with the needle, they are actually putting some of the flu into your body so it can become immune to the illness.
  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool
    When I was younger, my parents installed a swimming pool into the yard. Once the pool was stamped into the ground, and the water was inserted into the pool, we put the chemicals into the water. We used salt instead of chlorine because it is cleaner, and less harmful to the human body.
  • Colorblind

    When I first came to GW, I had no idea that my whole life I was indeed colorblind. My grandfather had been colorblind, and the trait was passed through my mother, to me. This is because colorblindness is more common in males.
  • A cold

    A cold
    One winter, close to christmas time, I became very ill. This was because I wanted to wear shorts in the winter, exposing my legs to the cold. I became very ill with a cold, i was sneezing, coughing, taking tylenol. Taking the medicine and drinking warn soothing liquids made me feel better.
  • 7th Grade Science

    7th Grade Science
    In 7th grade science, I learned all about genetics and heredity. These topics taught me about how I became who I am. genetics and heredity teach you about how information can make up a person, and which information from which parent will go to the child.
  • Social Studies 8

    Social Studies 8
    When the school year began, I was ready for my social studies 8 course. Mr. Kadus my teacher, told me that we would start at the beginning of humanity, and work our way towards the modern ages. I learned in our pre-history unit that we humans evolved in many ways. We went from lurking, to hunching, to standing, and back to sitting. Our communication technology such as writing and languge became more advanced. Humans evolved from very little, to very successful.
  • Glasses

    Before I turned 14, I went to the same opthamologist who told me I was colorblind, and he told me that I needed glasses. Objects in my eyes appear further away than they do in an average persons eyes. This is because I am near-sited.
  • Allergies

    All the waste and germs inside my body are let out in one big sneeze. But the process repeats itself an infinite amount of times until my body grows immune to the new summer pollen.
  • Don't Get Stung!

    Don't Get Stung!
    I have always been allergic to bee's. This means if I were to be stung, it would effect my body differently. I would have a terrible reaction, rather than just feeling the pinch.