My life after it gets ruined

  • My birthday of doom

    At my birthday I had a little to much alcohol then I tried to drive home and ended up killing a pedestrian :( This will have a big affect on my life will it ever be the same again?
  • Go to jail

    Now I'm stuck in jail. That is not a good thing.
  • Start working out at jail

    I've decided what to do with my life... I'm going to become the srongest person in the world! Then I'll make enough money.
  • Get another job

    I've got another part time job to make sure that I can pay off the dept sooner.
  • I get released out of jail

    I got released for good behavior but now because of that big mistake what can I do with my life? I'll probobly never get a decent job or life!
  • Pardon accepted

    My pardon was accepted so now im free to live a normal life!
  • Work on my pardon

    Even though it will take up to 24 months, If I get a letter of pardon all of my bad deeds will be forgotten. Then I will have a shot at a normal life.
  • Win my first universal weight lifting award

    I have found a way to earn enough money to pay off what I have to pay how?....Weight lifting. I earn around $70 000 a year and now that my pardon was acepted I can travel in my free time!
  • Continue winning awards

    My weight lifting strongness is going great!
  • Pay off dept

    This date is important because now im free! All my dept is paid
  • Quit other job

    Now that I have paid of my dept I can quit my extra job however I will keep my weight lifting job because that is how I will make my money.
  • Travel

    With all my extra money I've maid, and with my pardon accepted. I'm still able to travel around the world! Also there are lots of opurtunitys to travel with my job!!
  • Die

    This is the day that I die. I volouinteered in Africa since 2024 they really needed my help.