My Life

Timeline created by rpar06
  • Birth

    I was born on April 1st, and this day is where my life started. I was born at home in Burma and started my journey. My town is very small and poor so I was not able to start my education early because we were very poor. Both of my parents did not go very far, but my dad was able to finish secondary education. My mom went to school until 5th grade and since they did not have money she had to quit.
  • Malaysia

    I was 4 years old when we went to Malaysia so that we can achieve a better life and education. We left our whole family, when we got there my mom would try to teach us everything she had learned about our language. She could not write or read properly so there was not a lot she could do. My dad started teaching us a little english he had known and it was just greetings.
  • New York

    In 2006 we were able to come to the US and started to settle in New York. There were not a lot of immigrants and language became a barrier. I started in 1st grade and that made me realize how different I was. I did not understand anything and this made me feel embarrassed and stupid. I struggled for a couple of years after that and my reading level was low due to my self-confidence.
  • Books

    When I was in fourth grade I started to fell in love with books, and this started when a higher reading level of students had to read it for an assignment. The book was called "Tuck Everlasting", and this book made me fall in love with life and how every words had a big impact in my life. After that I started to read chapter books like "the Magic tree house" and "no talking". Reading more books influenced my reading level and was able to pass my ESOL test.
  • History

    Last year of elementary made me appreciate history and the structure of government. History made me value the freedom I have and the role of government throughout my life. These primary documents tell us so much about the language as well as the culture that the people in the past were living in. Most of the words being used were hard to understand and made me see the english language in a whole new light.
  • Middle School

    During my middle school year I loved to read and just stay at home instead of going out with friends. Reading caused me to have a better grade in school and made me have the passion for learning.
  • To kill a mockingbird

    I read this story when I was in 9th grade and made me fall with literature. The book made me realize the innocence of a person and how race plays a critical role in society. Literature makes us aware of the place we live in and the reality that are in front of us.
  • Night

    The Holocaust made me love reading autobiography and the experiences of the people telling their own story. The Holocaust was an event in history that made me see the true reality of what humans are capable of.
  • Junior Year

    I had a professor that loves to read and during our english class the students love talking to her. She would sometimes quote lines from a book and we would guess on it. Her passion for literature could be seen by the way she talks about books, and she inspired me to read literature more often.
  • Essay

    When I was applying to colleges I new that we had to complete essays. I have never been good at writing, I love to read but this was different now. We had practice essay for english essay and my writing was just horrible. The practice essay taught me to use my knowledge in books so that it can be up to the standards that I am reading at.