my life

Timeline created by stella005
  • my born

    my born
    I was born on 17 of february 2005 in torino, in hospital sant'Anna,i weighed 2,30 kg.
  • First lesson in the pool

    First lesson in the pool
    I have been swimming for three years, in my first lesson i was baby, i didn't swim
  • my first holidays

    my first holidays
    in my fist holidays i was in Croazia, the sea water was cold but clear..
  • i met my bf. Jasmine

    i met my bf. Jasmine
    at kinder garden school,in 2008, i met my bf jasmine
  • my birthdays

    my old birthdays were very boring, because my parents invited only my relatives;not my friends.
  • First lesson in the horse

    First lesson in the horse
    in my first lesson, i was riding a little pony. Frizzi, is brown and white.
  • first day at primary school

    i was happy, the other children sang a song...There were many teachers.
  • My my old Christmas.

    My my old Christmas.
    my old Christmas was nice. we had lunch with relatives: cousins, grandparents , uncles and aunts. I had received gifts from everyone and I was happy.