My life

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  • My born

    I was born in 1996 December 28th
  • My study

    I started study in January of 1999
  • My sport

    I started practice sport when I was 5 years old, I was practice gymnastics, basketball, swimming, skating, cheerleading.....
  • My anecdote

    Whean I was 11 years old, I broked my tooth, so I spent two or three weeks in surgery
  • Basketball

    Whean I started practice basketball two years later I broked my finger, so I was stop to the sport
  • Skating

    After of my recovery, mor or less two years later, I started practice skate, I was in competition for two years, and I started my study in the chemical engineering at the national university
  • My university

    I studied at the national university by four years, but the career of my dreams always has been Industrial engineering.
  • My Boyfriend

    I have been with my boyfriend for two years, He lives in cartagena because He is an Army Man.
  • My family

    Two years ago, I traveled with my family to cali, medellin, villa de leyva, lago calima.... Those places are so beautiful.
  • In this moment

    I am in 6 semester of my career, I love it, and I want to work in a big company or maybe I want to create my oun company.