My life

Timeline created by kalthoum09
  • Birth

    I was born on September 10 at 7:34 am at province Southfield
  • Brain surgery

    I had a angioma and now and they put pins in my brain
  • The after party

    I thought it was my birthday and when I asked my mom she said no so I asked why are we celebrating then
  • Disney land

    Disney land
    We went to Disney land and it was fun until I threw up on my mom at the gift shop
  • California

    I went to California and meet my aunt and uncle on my moms side and I loved there they had this fluffy dog and the had a pool and hot tub and I would run back and forth
  • My brother was born

    My brother was born
    I got to meet my brother for the first time on 8-5-13
  • First day of school (kindergarten)

    I went to tonda for the first time and it was awesome
  • My first phone

    My first phone
    I got the iPhone 5 for my first phone and loved it
  • I went to crescent for 6th grade

    I went to crescent academy for 6th grade and did not like it what so ever
  • I got my first cat

    We got our first cat on October 14th his name is Sargent sarge for short he is a Siamese seal point
  • I got my second cat

    Her name is pixie and she is also a Siamese seal point
  • My first year of pioneer

    I went to pioneer for 7th grade and loved it
  • COVID hit

    When COVID started it was fine but then it started to spread
  • Online school

    We have online school because of coivd but things have gotten better
  • We got another cat

    We got another cat
    We got our thrid cat his name is cutie he is a Siamese flame point