my life

Timeline created by lynsey bell
  • The day i was born

    The day i was born
    This is the day i was born. I met my mummy and daddy for the first time
  • Baby Brother

    Baby Brother
    Today was the day my baby brother was born. I had to learn to share mum and dad with him from this day on.
  • my first day at school

    my first day at school
    First Day of Primary School. I was so excited but also scared.
  • my first sleep over

    my first sleep over
    My first sleep over party with my school friends. We stayed up late and had yummy party food
  • First Holy Communion

    First Holy Communion
    The First Holy Communion is the first reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist in the Catholic Church.
  • Year 6 Graduation

    Year 6 Graduation
    Today was the day I graduated from Primary School. It was a great last day spending it with my friends and to spend time with my fellow peers that were not going to the same High school as me.