My Life

  • Birth

    The change for the humanity.
  • Begoñazpi

    There began my time where my future would inprove.
  • My Life As A Scout

    That is the date when I start to be scout, it s something that change my life completely. I start to see the things from another point of view.
  • The Same Again

    That is the course when I repeat, but It was the best of all my life, I continue repeating over and over again if I would know what would happen.
  • She

    No words can describe this.
  • Menorca

    Wow that was my best summer, I travel to Menorca with my friends.
  • Brittany

    I travel again with my friends, but last year was insuperable.
  • The Summer

    This summer has been incredible, the best, because I have spend with the best.
  • I Begin My Life As A Scout Monitor

    I began a new time as a monitor of scouts.
  • University

    I look forward to a journey into my dream with this opportunity.
  • The End Of My University Career

    I am free.
  • I Start Working

    No longer... Jajaja
  • My Own Family

    I hope to do another course in my life and have my own family.
  • Enjoy

  • Keep Dreaming

  • Be the best

    I want to be the best, but the best for my all family and fot people who love me.
  • Be Happy

    I only wish...
  • The Rest Of

    be happy...
  • My Life

    With the people who I love, because that is, the true happiness,
  • My Memory

    I don't know why, but I am sure that thw world it is going to remember me.