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My Life

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    My life

  • 1999

    -An Angel is born. (My Birth) -Catherine and Curtis Jones murder their father's girlfriend and are tried as adults. -Columbine High School Shooting. This shooting alarmed my parents and made them much more protective of my sister and I. -Nelson Mandela steps down
  • 2000

    • I said my first word. It was in Farsi, so it helped me embrace my bicultural background.
    -University of Virginia launches program to give students in need laptop computers. -George Bush wins election. -Vladimir Putin sworn in as President of Russia.
  • 2001

    -I taught myself how to read. This was important because it showed both me and my parents that I am an independent learner. -Virginia's State Parks are named the best in the nation. -The fatal 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers took place. -Numerous gunmen attack the Indian Parliament
  • 2002

    -My family moved to Kentucky. This was our first big move as a family, and it was a different experience for all of us. -Virginia State Parks creates Youth Conservation Corps. -George Bush signs the campaign finance reform bill. -Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is elected President of Brazil.
  • 2003

    -I was enrolled in a preschool in Mississippi. This was my first schooling experience, so it holds an important place in my heart. -Fatal at Lockheed Martin -Mr. Rogers dies -India and Pakistan finally restore peaceful ties, after many years of a malicious relationship
  • 2004

    -I skipped kindergarten at Tussing Elementary School. This event really helped me advance in school at my own pace and it really raised my confidence. -University of Virginia regains title as number one public institution in the nation. -George Bush gets reelected as President. -Al Qaeda launches a fatal attack on Spain, killing almost 200 people
  • 2005

    -I broke my collar bone. This made me really afraid of trampolines, which is how I broke my collar bone. -Virginia Beach History teacher earns Preserve History award -Hurricane Katrina strikes -Pope John Paul II dies
  • 2006

    -I got 16 stitches on my knee. This experience taught me not to run on cobblestone, and the scar on my knee reminds me of that even more. -Virginia passes anti-gay marriage amendment -Democrats win control of Congress -Italy wins the 2006 FIFA World Cup
  • 2007

    -I won class spelling bee. This was the first time I won my class spelling bee, so that was exciting. It was also the first big thing I won in elementary school. -Fatal shooting at Virginia Tech, leaving 32 dead. -Attorney General Gonzales dies. -Nicolas Sarkozy wins French Presidential Election.
  • 2008

    -I started my 1st year of middle school. This was my first time being in a school with new people from all of the different elementary schools, so it was a good friend-making experience. -Obama wins conservative Virginia -Obama wins Presidential election -Kosovo declares independence from Serbia
  • 2009

    -I joined my 1st travel soccer team. This was good because it put me on a more competitive level than soccer, rather than just playing soccer. -Carl Lee Walton goes on killing spree at Virginia Beach -Obama inaugurated as first black president -European Union treaty approved
  • 2010

    -I scored my first double hat trick. -98% of Virginia Schools met SOL standards. This affected my life because it made my parents a lot more confident in the school system that they enrolled me in. -Bautista hits most home runs in MLB. -Spain wins FIFA World Cup for first time.
  • 2011

    -I went to China for a month. This had a great effect on my life because it introduced me to a new culture in which I got to interact with for a whole month. -A magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes Mineral, VA. -Mississippi rejects abortion amendment. -SEAL Team Six kills Osama Bin Laden
  • 2012

    -I started my 1st year of high school. This had a varied effect on me because, while I was excited for a new challenge, I felt intimidated to be the youngest person in high school. -Virginia's statewide dropout rate drops 6.5%. -Obama and Biden sworn in for a second term. -Spain wins UEFA European Cup.
  • 2013

    -I went on Battle of the Brains for the first time. This was great because it was my first time going on TV and we didn’t do too badly. -First U.S. Prisoner execution happens in Virginia. -A fatal bombing occurs at the Boston Marathon. -David Beckham announces retirement from professional soccer.
  • 2014

    -I became captain of JV Soccer team. This was my first form of leadership in school soccer, so it taught me how to be a better leader. -Virginia Oyster harvest jumps up 24% -US military sex assault reports jump up to 8% -Germany wins 2014 FIFA World Cup
  • 2015

    -I founded KidsMD. This was my first step towards volunteering and working on a bigger scale. -Frank Beamer announces retirement. -Obama signs 2-year budget deal. -FC Barcelona wins treble.