My life

  • Born, Lake Tahoe, California

    Born, Lake Tahoe, California
  • My first Football game

    My first Football game
    When I was about 6 months old my dad decided to take me to the rams 49ers home opener which took place in San Francisco, and even though I don't really remember it I got my first taste of football very young
  • Driving/ Moving From Lake Tahoe to Chicago

    Driving/ Moving From Lake Tahoe to Chicago
    When I was 1 year old, my uncle decided to move to Chicago because it had good jobs and it was beautiful and me n my parents decided to follow him there and here we are now
  • Sportsmanship

    The year before I won the championship, our team ended up losing in the championship, I saw kids on my team crying and yelling but I saw how wrong it was and I didn't want to do the same. After the game it was painful, it hurt, but we lost and I had to learn how to accept it and be respectful so I told him good game and I used it for fuel next year.
  • First Football Game

    I played my first football game ever for Hamlin Park Lions Peewee team and this is when I first fell in love with playing the sport
  • Brothership

    In second grade I got my dog, his name's Yammy, but since I was an only child I didn't feel having siblings or a brother but when I got our dog I started to feel it. As time went on I felt this secret connections no one else really felt with him and it finally felt like I had a brother,
  • 4th Grade Basketball Team Won The Championship

    In 4th grade the dads of boys in my grade decided to come together and make our own school team because we saw other teams the year before, and basically all my closes friends joined a basketball team and in the same year we joined the league we won the championship
  • Courage

    This is the time I went to Jamaica, and there were some very cool and very interesting activities there, but this was the day we climbed up a waterfall. As we were climbing it was a pretty far fall and earlier I kind of slipped on one of my steps and it was almost the same encounter but only the water was stronger and it was higher, I used a different technique and I did it and did it well. Took Bravery.
  • Pain

    I had a close connection with my grandfather who lived in Romania, and still as a kid when he died hurt me very much and realized the pain of someone you love dying
  • Astroworld Concert

    Astroworld Concert
    Around 2015 was when I really started listening to music like this, rap, hip hop, R&B, and Travis Scott became one of my favorite was rappers, especially his album Astroworld. My mom was working at United Center at the time where the concert was, so she ended up buying me tickets to the concert and for my first concert it was so cool, he had a FERRIS WHEEL, very cool visuals, and ended up going underground and running to the other side of the stadium,
  • Made Regional Science fair project

    Since 5th grade we would do a science fair project and then the best ones would go to the gym and then go to Regionals if good enough and my project which was about how loud I can get a handmade speaker made which was out of paper plates a battery, etc and I did very good.
  • Leadership

    When I was in 7 grade at my middle school, every friday we would read to first graders, and when I would read to them I was sort of there role model so I took leadership and was the best version of myself so they were looking up to the right thing.
  • Ownership

    Me and my uncle were playing with a tennis ball once in my basement, and I ended up accidentally throwing the ball at the mirror and broke it, and instead of trying to get out the situation, I told my parents it was me, did yard work for 3 days to get enough money and ended up buying a new mirror.
  • Creative

    During covid, I loved designing things and I ended up remodeling my fish tank adding crazy colors and combinations to make it look very cool
  • Motivation

    During covid I would always look at myself and just not like the way I looked and it gave me motivation to go to the gym and be who I want to be physically and since then I haven't stopped
  • Fearless

    I went to a boxing gym, and I was once challenged to spar the 18 year old at the gym who was the best fighter in the gym because everyone was to scared to fight him and when I fought him it ended up being a pretty even fight and I did very well not letting my fear get to me.
  • First Day Of Highschool

    First Day Of Highschool
    My first day at Taft was very interesting because I wasn't at Taft, it was online, and it was very strange, but it was something i had to get used to and it eventually kind of normal.
  • responsible

    There was this one time where my parents went on a trip for a couple days and it ended up being only my grandmother and I at home which meant I was mostly taking care of my dog. I would fill up his food and water in the morning, walk him, go to school, come back fill up his food and water again, walk him, play with him, then go to bed. I had a lot of fun taking care of him and it made me feel responsible.
  • Driving for the first Time

    Driving for the first Time
    The first time I drove was in Romania with my uncle and it was on a off road and then it was also a stick car. Before I started the car I practiced moving the stick, got used to it then started the car. I put it in 1st when I started going slow then went faster and went into gear 2 and I ended up being great .
  • First Played Varsity Game Played

    My first game of varsity played was this year, I was a starting outside linebacker and it ended up coming in week 3 because I sprained my hipflexer in September so I missed first 2 weeks. I was a little nervous but overall I hyped, excited, adderedilane, and I felt revenge in a way because I trained all summer to play just to get hurt, so I felt like I had to do better then ever.