My life

Timeline created by BigcatHunter
  • My birth

    My birth
    born to parents sherri krouse and david krouse
    born in gilbert arizona
    born at 6:28
  • my first steps

    my first steps
    this is when i took my first steps about a year and 2 months after my birth
  • first tooth lost

    first tooth lost
    my first tooth lost i was really happy cause my mom told me about the toooth fariy
  • my first day

    my first day
    thisn is my first day of kindergarden. i went to gilbert elementary. i was a legend there
  • made a friend

    made a friend
    today i made a friend named kyle we are still friends 10 years later pretty cool huh
  • My first bike ride

    My first bike ride
    first time ever riding bike first time ever riding my bike with out training wheels and no one holding me up
  • i got a dog

    i got a dog
    i got my dog named lola she is really big and she is kinda goofy
  • i got another dog

    i got another dog
    i got my next dog his name is picasso he is really fast and really fun to play with
  • first double digit

    first double digit
    I turned double digits for the first time i was so happy double digits
  • first phone

    first phone
    my first phone i got an iphone 4s it had siri it was lot of fun play with
  • first day of 6th grade.

    first day of 6th grade.
    this was my last year at gilbert elementary i was going to mis it i went there for 6 years of my life there
  • finally a teen

    finally a teen
    i just turned 13 best feeling ever finally a teen
  • first day of highschool

    first day of highschool
    this is when i became a freshman and i got to highschool.
  • guinea pig

    guinea pig
    i got my guinea pig named milo he is so cool and i love him so much
  • Made timeline in computers

    Made timeline in computers
    i just completed the time line of my life and everything in my life that was important