Significant Life Events

  • Birth

    I was born on March 2nd 1996 at 7:40 pm
  • Vacation

    I went on my first vacation to Flordia with my entire family
  • First friend

    I met my first best friend whom I'm still friends with now in kindergarden
  • Little sister born

    My little sister was born
  • Cheerleading

    I started my first year of cheerleading
  • My grandmother passed away

    My grandmother passed away
  • I got my first dog

    I got my first dog named Bella
  • Highschool

    I started freshman year of highschool
  • License

    I passed my road test and got my license
  • First real job

    I started my first "real" job
  • I went to prom

    I went to my first prom dance with my boyfriend
  • Spring break

    I went to Flordia with all my friends for spring break
  • Graduation

    I graduated high school!
  • I moved into a new house

    I moved into a new house after spending 18 years in my childhood home
  • I started college

    I started my first year of college at Schoolcraft
  • My grandfather passed away

    My grandfather passed away
  • I went to California

    I went to California for spring break with my best friend
  • I leased my own car

    I leased my own car on my own
  • 21st birthday

    My 21st birthday!
  • Start nursing school

    Begin my nursing classes at Wayne State University
  • Graduation

    Graduation from nursing school!
  • Start career!

    Being my career as a registered nurse!
  • Buy my own house

    Buy my own house by myself or with my significant other
  • Get married

    Get married to the person I love
  • Have my first child

    My first child
  • My second child

    Give birth to my second child
  • Vacation

    Travel to Europe with my family
  • Go back to school

    Go back to school to become a nurse practitioner
  • Move

    Move into a city preferably Chicago
  • Send my kids to college

    Send my kids to college
  • Retirement

    Retire and travel with my husband
  • Travel

    Travel to somewhere I've never been
  • Continue to travel

    Travel to another place I've never been
  • Death

    Become ill which will lead to death