Riley Lewis

  • I was born

    This is important because, you need someone to worship dont you?
  • I drew on the wall...

    Our mom wasnt home and me and Robert [My brother] got markers and drew all over the wall in out hallway. Our mom thought that washing it was a punishment to clean it up. We ended up playing with the soap and it made our mom mad.
  • Fort Lewis

    One summer we made a couch fort with our grampa. Robert and I snuck candy into the fort and ate it all. Mom was very mad, infuriated, she was going through the empty wrappers.
  • Off To Florida

    Our family went to Florida, for Robert and I it was our first time traveling. On the way my mom was crushing my hand because she hated flying. I could swear my hand was Broken.
  • Off To holly acadamy

    I went to Holly Acadamy in 2nd grade for half the year. I didnt like it.
  • Divorce

    My parents got divorced. I put this here because it was a relly big event in my life and thts why i remeber it.
  • Football

    My First year of football. I was number 51. I didnt really like it but i did play the whole season. I didnt know what I was doing.
  • Emmet is born

    My brother Emmet was born this day. We waited in the waiting room all night. I put this because it is something that really changed parts of my life.
  • First year in track

    It was my first year of track. I did alright but i did make it to Oakland county finals. My mom really looked forward to me doing track since it was her favorite or one of her favorite sports. I do the same race she did in High school.
  • Chooch died

    My first dog died. His name was Chooch, he was a 10 year old boxer. This was a really big event because he was my first dog and he was with me most of my life. He loved peanut butter.
  • Flip

    8th grade was where i thought or started thinking about school. My grades went to a plunge. My mom was furious, she is a scary Ogre Lord.

    We got a new dog. He is a rottweiler. He is a horrible dog,sometimes he can be good. I usually share my food with him. He really loves peanut butter.
  • Second year of track

    This was my second year of track. I did pretty good. I took 3rd place in oakland. I didnt really like track that much that year I thought it was really boring.
  • Highschool football

    First year playing Highschool football. It really wasn't that much different. I really hate our long practices.
  • Starting High school

    My first year of High school. Where stuff gets serious. I really have to do work, middle school didnt help prepair at all. It reminded me of elementary.