My Life.

Timeline created by jessrosa1796
  • Brought to this world!

  • Visited Bogotá for the first time.

    I went to Bogota to visit my aunt who was spending christmas without her family because they were in the US.
  • My quinceañera party!

    It might sound silly but this was a very important day for me. It was the first time i had all my family members with me.
  • Graduated highschool!

  • Started studying Law at Unicolombo.

  • Finished the english courses at the Colombo and got my certificate.

  • Visited Medellin.

    My classmates and I attended a forensics and criminology seminar at Institucion Universitaria Tecnológico de Antioquia.
  • Got my first job.

    I started working as a receptionist in a hostel downtown.
  • Internship in Ecopetrol.

    I was accepted in Ecopetrol to do my law practices, and fortunately they were paid!
  • Foreign Languages.

    I started studying this career at Universidad de Cartagena.
  • Law Graduation!