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  • I was born

    this was important to me because I'm now alive. wouldn't know me if I wasn't. get to meet awesome family.
  • Got stitches

    because it showed me how to persevere (cry loudly).
    it showed me that doing stupid stuff isn't smart.
    I learned how to keep blood from bleeding
  • Got baptized

    this is important to me because it let me receive the holy ghost.
    most people don't know this but I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. Whenever I get baptized I take a promise to keep the commandants and the word of wisdom which says that I cannot drink alcohol coffee or tea.
  • Worst grade ever

    this showed something to work for. I had all low grades and over the years I have worked toward better grades this year I am going to try my hardest to get the best grades I've ever gotten. last year I ended with all a's and b's with one c.
  • First day in high school

    this is important to me because I am in my last four years of school not including college. I'm very scared because I want to do good but I have to try hard and pay attention and getting to do new after school activities will be fun.
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