My life

Timeline created by sauds27
  • I was born

    I was born in my new house i was the first one that was born there i was born the third day that we livid in the house
  • my first school choueifat

    my first school was choueifat
  • I got my first parrot

    I got my first parrot in my new house
  • I lived in germany for 1 year

    i lived in Germany for one year because i had to do a surgery
  • my birthday

    it was my late birthday party
  • i changed schools

    i changed my school at the end of grade 4
  • i changed schools again

    i changed schools because instead of going to two school at one day
  • space camp

    i went to space camp to space camp
  • football tournament

    we were playing a football tournament it was the school first tournament that they won and our team did it
  • Graduation

    today i graduated from high school
  • job

    i wiil become an engineer so now this is my job